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Edgelight is a fully modular design solution for outlining stages, risers and other production structures in a high quality, linear LED strip.  Our products affix to stages, risers and trusses in a very quick and elegant fashion.  This is THE design solution you have been looking for when you want linear LED and need it quickly, professionally and cost-effectively.  There is simply nothing else like it on the market.  One call and we will handle everything!


The LED engine we use for our products is FlexNeon also known as NeoFlex, Floppy Flex and any number of other distributor's names.   Due to the amount of work we have done with these products, we have become experts in integrating them into any number of design situations; often doing so with rental inventory which reduces costs and avoids the wasteful reality of throwing away product after the completion of a production.  


"Way more than just 'icing on the visual cake', Edgelight gives dimension and defines structure while still being incredibly easy to use.  Designs without it simply feel incomplete."

Andy Dunning - Landru Designs


“The introduction of the Edgelight product has been an amazing addition to many tours and one-off events that I have been a part of.  Being the first modular product of it's kind has allowed my team to use it in so many different scenarios that would not have been possible otherwise.  It is a great product that I plan to incorporate into many projects moving forward.”

Matt Guice - Element Media Group


“We have worked with Scott and his team on several events and have been impressed with the Edgelight product.  The installation is fast and easy with very detailed instructions.  The Edgelight fixtures look great in the room and on camera.  We have been very pleased with the level of excellence and attention to detail we receive from Go Live Productions”

Brian Worster - Church of the Highlands



This is what we do!



Some time ago, we at Go Live Productions were lamenting how complicated, expensive and often haphazard it can be to integrate LED strip lighting around stages.  Who wants to search for the appropriate LED tape, drivers, power supplies, and then have to pull out soldering irons, screw drivers, wire strippers and all that other stuff all the while hoping it works correctly?!  It was decided to search for a modular solution that not only could be placed around the perimeter of a stage, but also attach in a secure fashion and not have any visible cables.  While it seemed like that was not asking too much, no such solution was found.  It was decided to design something that could do exactly that.       


To that end, Edgelight has been developed specifically for the task of outlining staging and production structures with a high quality, LED light source in a simple, robust and modular package.  Edgelight allows the end user to simply and cleanly install edge lighting detail in a very low-profile, high output and elegant fashion.  ​

Edgelight units come stock in 1200mm, 900mm, 700mm, 600mm and 500mm lengths. While those sizes may seem "arbitrary", we have found these to be the most useful sizes for working with structures designed using Imperial measurements.  The fixtures daisy-chain together via 4-pin XLR connectors at each end creating a seamless linear display that is extremely simple to install.  

Our custom extrusions for the floor units affix to most stage surfaces via 1" loop Velcro which is included as part of your rental.  Our custom truss extrusions include low profile trigger clamps for quick installation and strike.  Clamps slide along a T-slot allowing for specific installation around any truss obstructions and are offset so the the fixtures can install directly over existing lighting fixture clamps.  Of course, there is an integrated safety cable.  

We now stock a new line of fixtures that, believe it or not, are flexible!  These fixtures can be applied to any 2D curved surface without concern for radius.  These flexible fixtures come in both stage mount and truss mount versions.  The truss versions can mount either directly below/above a truss chord or "yoked out" 90º from the truss chord simply by changing the location of the clamps. 


Just in case you were not paying attention, this is a LIGHTING FIXTURE THAT IS COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE IN

X and Y COORDINATES!!!!  Who else has THAT?!


Power supplies are rack mounted in custom designed enclosures and can be configured with up to 16 DMX addressable outputs per single rack unit.  Each output can effectively drive 10m of the Edgelight RGB product. The DMX profile for Edgelight RGB is 16 bit RGB which allows for smooth crossfades and consistent output even when set at low intensities.  We also offer various truss mount power supply options.  

The beauty of this product is the fact that it is effectively a "plug and play" solution from the perspective of the end user.  Power supplies will be addressed and cable looms created and labeled at our facility prior to shipping.  Detailed drawings will accompany your rental depicting the installation of fixtures, cable layouts and unit addresses. The units install quickly and the impact is immediate and stunning.  No more pixel "dots" in your camera shots.  No more bulky linear fixtures that have to be set on your stage.  No more dealing with LED tape products.  No more hassles in wiring power supplies and implementing data control.  No more soldering irons or throwing away product when the project is complete.   Instead, we offer quick, straight forward installation and intuitive system integration.  ​There is nothing else like this on the market!  

simple concept • simple execution • DRAMATIC RESULTS!


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Most of our clients have opted for a dry hire rental scenario without the need for a technician.  We ensure the data rack(s) are properly configured and addressed per the client's specifications.  We provide detailed drawings of the fixture installation layout and cable paths.  All cables are labeled and loomed if necessary based on your particular installation.  The process for the end user is then quite simple.  If a project is particularly complicated, has an overly aggressive installation schedule or a client simply does not want to handle the installation of the product, we will be happy to supply a technician for you.  


We have developed a custom truss mount solution for Edgelight.  We included all the features that designers and technicians would need for a quick and dependable installation and strike process.  We use lightweight trigger clamps for ease of installation and strike.  The clamps slide in an extruded track to allow for accurate positioning around truss lacing members.  We included stand-offs on the clamps so that the Edgelight fixtures can install on the same truss chord as any of your other lighting fixtures, and, of course, there is an integrated safety cable.  The truss mount fixtures are packaged in the same trunks as our floor fixtures.  We have had thousands of feet of truss mounted product on national and international tours over the past few years.  


One of the really great features of this product is how simple it is to integrate into existing lighting packages.  The product runs as a standard 16 bit RGB profile (6 DMX channels) per output.  Each rack contains 16 potential outputs each driving up to 10m of product and we will coordinate with your lighting director and/or programmer to ensure that the rack is properly configured prior to arrival. Therefore, all the end user needs to provide is a 120v Edison U-Ground 15 amp circuits and a 5-pin DMX connection.    


Typically, we will provide as many 25 yard rolls of Velcro as necessary as an expendable line item in your quote.  This fits with our "plug and play" model for the service.  If you prefer to provide your own, please let us know.  You will need 1" loop Velcro.   


We utilize custom road cases that are 50" x 30" x 36" tall.  Cases can hold up to 49 1200mm stage units or 32 1200mm truss units.  For smaller rentals, we utilize Pelican iM3300 cases to reduce weight and size.  We have had clients fly these cases as excess baggage for projects all over the world.  


Currently we are only marketing this product as a rental solution.  Our goal is to provide you with a quality "plug & play" lighting/scenic solution with a minimal amount of effort for the end user.  Truly, the complete package nature of our rentals has become the most attractive aspect for our clients.  The rental cost is generally low enough to make the rental scenario quite attractive for most users.  


After several years of negotiations with our supplier and a lot of time spent considering the infrastructure necessary to drive these products, the answer is yes, Edgelight is DMX mappable!  So we now have two flavors of Edgelight; RGB and Digital.  This is what designers have been asking for and it is a GAME CHANGER! 


We have recently developed lighting fixture systems for both stage mount and truss mount that can be radiused to the user's specification on site.  The fixtures are continuously flexible so even multiple curvilinear forms can be accommodated.  There is now no need to custom fabricate housings to meet user specifications.  Have a theater with a curved downstage edge and no one has a clue what the radius might be?  No problem, all we are concerned with is the overall linear dimension.  Our products will conform to it regardless of radius.  THIS IS ANOTHER GAME CHANGER!